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The Art Of Making Eyeshadow And Color Images

The eyeshadow color is the color that people apply to their eyelids, usually with a brush or by dipping a stick. Eye-shadow is used for decoration and can express one’s tastes. There are many types of eye-shadow such as those that give the impression of piercing eyes, shining eyes, innocent look, etc. In addition, many companies have come up with low-priced and easy-to-use products that can be applied in no time.

The color of the shadow is important, as it may bring out or hide one’s features and expressions. For instance, those who wear red eye-shadow are often perceived as having a sensual air about them, but in the case of green, they are considered more mature. Blue eye-shadow is also popular among young women.

However, one should consider that choosing an excessive amount of colors that do not match will leave an impression of vulgarity on others. It is important to choose colors that harmonize with one’s skin color and face shape in order to leave a good impression on others.

Today we introduce you to the three-color shadow that lets you achieve 3 different effects, by changing the intensity of the shade, from light to dark. From left to right: Gold [Light], Gray [Medium] and Deep Blue [Dark].

Gold [Light]: This is a warm but bright color that will express your vitality and youthfulness. You should avoid golden shadows if you want to look more mature, but this color is perfect for younger women. Be careful not to choose a yellow shade; otherwise, it will make you look like you’ll be sick.

Gray [Medium]: This cooler shade gives an impression of mystery and sophistication. The color is also good for hiding dark circles. However, avoid wearing too much of this color if you want to show more liveliness.

Deep Blue [Dark]: The deep blue gives an impression of maturity and makes one look sexy. Be careful though; don’t choose a color that is too intense, otherwise, your eyes will disappear.

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