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Autumn And Winter 2021: Knitwear Style Guide


Wake up early in the morning and feel the slight cool breeze on your skin? That’s nature’s way of telling us that a new season has arrived.

Most of us are now struggling to find a new wardrobe and are on the lookout for a few trends to give you an idea and inspire you for the days ahead. Well, you are not alone. We all are.

Because of all the breaks we went through, some of us may still be frustrated that we did not get to enjoy summer and it just went by. Now that the days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting much darker, and the air is getting chilly in the early mornings, it’s time we let go of any lingering hopes we have for summer and embrace the coldest season with warmth and openness.

Put on your cozy tracksuit, with a cozy turtleneck or under a cardigan, and make room to tuck away all those long maxis, shorts, and mini skirts until they are needed again for next summer.

Cozy knits are always my go-to outfit during the winter season. Perfect paired with leggings and loungewear and a hot chocolate in a mug. What a perfect way to enjoy this cozy weather. This humble knit always brings joy, happiness, and warmth. It chases away the winter doldrums.

There are many great knits for the new season if you want to upgrade your cozy look this fall. From sweaters to sweater dresses, skits and vests, knitwear is all the rage.

It’s time to make a statement without losing your sense of fashion and comfort.

Do you snuggle up and look very stylish while doing so? With cozy layers of color, boots and scarves, and plenty of comfy knits… we dress for autumn and winter.

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