Women’s Fashion Update 2022: Clothing Layers, Chunky And Bohemian

For women, fashion information is always welcome. What’s in store for the rest of 2021 and beyond? What looks good and what looks chic?

1) Hoodies hidden under Blazers. You might always imagine that hoodies are the outermost part of your attire for the day. But have you ever thought that they could also be underneath another layer of clothing, like a blazer?

This results in a casual cool look which surprisingly looks good together. It’s a failure-safe get up that you immediately can create when you have no more time to plan your look for an impromptu gathering.

The hoodie underneath gives extra warmth during cold weather and you can mix and match with the blazer as contrasting colors or as neutrals with the blazer in a gray tone and the hoodie in a light pistachio hue.

2) Powerful Bohemian Florals. How about that gypsy and hippie look from Woodstock days of our grandparents which are making a comeback?

If you’re communing with nature or wading down the shoreline of the beach with your special someone, the Bohemian Floral dress is perfect for this spiritual moment.

When your gypsy attire is long and reaches down to your ankles, but has a sexy slit at the side which you keep bringing up to avoid the dirt or the water, you make heads turn toward you.

Go for designs with large sunflowers and necklines which show a meaningful section of your cleavage. After all, you’re on vacation, so have fun!

3) Chunkiness. Oversized chic is the craze. So, go for tractor Trek-Sole boots or Chunky Loafers which are 1 to 2 inches longer than your regular size. Partner with a loose outfit which comes down to just somewhere between the knee and the ankles so you can show off your oversized footwear.

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