Give Your Feet A Break With These 9 Unique Shoes

1. Men's Tree Runners

Lightweight, stylish, and eco-friendly, the primary material used for the Tree Runners is the eucalyptus tree fiber treads. The midsole and insole are created out of sugarcane and castor bean respectively, while the laces use recycled polyester. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort, the Tree Runners are for you.

2. Men's Wool Piper Woven

The ZQ-certified Merino wool upper is the trademark of these sneakers. Perfect for everyday wear in all seasons, they’re very durable and can be safely cleaned inside of a washing machine without losing their shape. The neutral grey color goes along with almost any garment.

3. Men's Tree Flyers

Top-of-the-line distance running shoes, a pair of these will make your training sessions effortless. SwiftFoam midsole acts as both a cushion and a spring, effectively absorbing the energy and then transferring it to your next step. Mesh eucalyptus upper gives your feet plenty of breathing room, and the grippy outsoles ensure that you remain stable.

4. Men's Tree Pipers

These low-top shoes are made for long walks during the scorching summer days. The shoe tongue is a bit more prominent, giving them that modern style and making them much more comfortable to wear. Breathable fibers on the upper will keep you cool and reduce sweating even in the biggest heat.

5. Men's Tree Dasher 2

Tested by over 90 runners, the Tree Dasher 2 shoes are proven to be best for everyday runs and casual, lighter workouts. They have a much lower heel drop compared to the Tree Flyers, giving you more contact with the ground for a natural feel. Its one-piece upper is sturdy enough to withstand hundreds of training sessions.

6. Men's Wool Piper Mids

The exaggerated design of this shoe is meant to attract looks. With Piper Mids, the accent is at oversizing regarding the higher collar and a larger sole. They give your feet – mainly your ankles – plenty of support for daily, casual wear.

7. Men's Wool Loungers

These unique, simple slip-on sneakers are made for minimalists. Since they have no laces, you can put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds. However, don’t be fooled by their appearance – the Merino wool upper and SweetFoam midsole make them very comfortable and versatile.

8. Men's Trail Runners Swt

Off-road trails require specially designed sneakers that keep your feet stable and secure. The SWT Trail Runners introduce a water-repellant finish as well as 4mm omnidirectional lugs. These two combined ensure that you can overcome all types of terrain regardless of the weather or the surface that you’re hiking/running on.

9. Men's Wool Dasher Mizzles

Don’t be afraid of rain puddles anymore with the Wool Dasher Mizzles. Its wool upper is coated with a water repellent, keeping your feet dry even on the rainiest days. The outsole has heavy-duty rubber treads that provide additional traction to prevent you from slipping and potentially injuring yourself.

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